Getting started with MYFUNDBOX

Accept, Process & Manage Subscription Billing for B2B and SaaS businesses

MYFUNDBOX a  German Startup  launched in late 2018 started with a use-case to make payments simple, configurable, and independent of payment providers. We help our customers focus on their core Business targets/expansion goals and we take care of Payments.  

With Subscription Economy becoming a proven Business Model  for Startups to large Enterprises and with Hypergrowth now possible with a scalable and secure Infrastructure, an Orchestrator for Payments covering both local and international Payment methods were never more critical.

How MYFUNDBOX Subscriptions is unique?

Subscription billing is the process of billing customers for their subscriptions, regularly.

With MYFUNDBOX you can easily raise an invoice with your desired plans and collect your payments in Recurring Billing Options.

Payment Link can be easily created and sent to your customers for them to pay.

Updated 01 Feb 2022
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