In payouts, We track all types of successful payments in a single place. We differentiate the transaction charges & VAT charges separately to have detailed information about every transaction.

Go to Menu -> Payouts, You will find a page as shown below:

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We click on the filter icon on the right then a date filter pops up below the payments, Then we can switch between Dates, Months, Year and after applying the filter you will have the transactions done on the particular day.

Date Filter:

We have a date filter provided in the table. You can customize by filtering the transactions by Week, Month & year, etc.

Year Filter:

We have the year filter included in the top right corner. You can enable the toggle & select the year for tracking the transaction count which will be listed here.

Import Options:

We have an Import option provided in the list. You can download it as Excel or PDF to have an Offine verification.

You can click on the link for a video tutorial:


Updated 29 Mar 2022
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