In Payments, We can keep track of all the types of transactions One-Off and Recurring (Success, Cancel, Failure, and Refund). It accepts all types of Payments, Including Offline Payments also.

You can add a payment gateway in the Settings -> Payment gateway to add more payment methods.

Go to Menu -> Payments, You will find this page as shown below:

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When the Transaction Status is Sucesss the Payment Status is Success, when the Transaction Status is Failure then the Payment Status is Failure, when the Transaction Status is Refund then the Payment Status is Refund and when the Transaction Status is Inprogress, Pending, Refund Resolved, Other, Disputed, Dispute Resolved, Dispute Cancel then the Payment Status is Not Shown in the Payment list.

Payments Status:

We can change the payment status manually for the bank transfer option so when the transaction is done the user can change the customers payment status to Success, In Progress, Pending, Failed, Refund, Cancelled to the respective transactions done by the customers as shown below:

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By clicking on the more info the pop up appears where the plan, payment method, No.of billing cycle, transaction date, status can be seen and where we can change the status by clicking on it and choosing the status options from the dropdown as shown above.

Date Filter:

We have a Date Filter which is provided in the table, So you can customize your Dates by Filtering the transactions by Week, Month & Year, etc.

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We click on the Filter Icon on the right then a Date Filter Pops Up below the payments, Then we can switch between Dates, Months, Year and after applying the filter you will have the note for the transactions that are done on the particular time selected.

Import Options:

We have an Import Option provided in the list, So you can download the details in Csv/Excel/Pdf as it can be used for Offline verifications. As shown below:

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You can click on the link for a video tutorial:


Updated 19 Apr 2022
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