Subscription List

When you Subscribe for a Plan and Send the Pay Link to the user for subscribing the plan this comes under Subscription List.

You can manage subscriptions by setting Monthly or Other Recurring Plans in the billing type and giving the Billing Cycle for the User Requirements while creating plans. This is the subscription list as shown below:

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Clicking on More Info redirects you to a pop up where you can find the Number Of Cycles, Transaction Date, Transaction Status, and Next Transaction Entries as shown below:

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How Does Subscription Status Works?

Here we can see how the Subscription Status works under Active, Cancelled, and Not Started respectively.

Active- When the Transaction is Successful.

Cancelled- When the End Date is Set.

Not Started- When the Transaction is Pending

When Cash Payment Method Is Used:

When the payment is done only through Cash then it will have a Delete Icon and can be removed from the list. Even when the Subscription is Active.

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How Next Renewal Date Can be Set:

The Next Renewal date can be fixed only for the Active Subscription from the same month and not from the month before or after, This can be done as shown below:

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You can click on the link for a video tutorial:

This is when the Date, Month, and Year are not from the same month then the Validation Message pops up as shown below:

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If the date is given for a month before or after then the validation pops up as "Date must be the same month and year".

You can click on the link for a video tutorial:

Updated 29 Mar 2022
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