Import Customers

You can import customers by mapping with your excel to the exact column for the exact match. You can follow steps to import customers.

Go to the Customers tab and click the Import icon on the top-right corner. You will redirected to the import page.

By clicking on the IMPORT CUSTOMER icon as shown below:

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After clickin on the icon a new page pops up as shown below:

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Here we can find three options as Bank, Customer and Subscription where we can dump our data in a large number as we can see below:

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Here we show an example for importing Customer where we follow some steps:

  • Click on customer from the 3 modules
  • Choose the delimeter to your refered place
  • Choose your excel which has your customer details

After giving all the mandatory data the upload button starts working

By clicking on the Import New on the top right corner you can import new data from the excel format

After clicking the upload button you can see a page as shown below:

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In this page you can match the file column with your imported excel formate as Name, Email, Number and etc. By clicking on preview we go to a new page preview as shown below:

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Here we see a preview of how the data is given to our customer module if we import data.

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Now after we click on "I am done! import these data" the data gets transfered to the customer module and we get a page where it says data transfer is done successfully. And you can download the data Imported.

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Now we can find the data we transfered using Import Option is moved to the Customer module as shown below:

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You can click on the link for a video tutorial:


Updated 29 Mar 2022
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