1. What is MYFUNDBOX Subscriptions?

MYFUNDBOX Subscription is a recurring One-Off billing and subscription management software. If you are running online business, you can use MYFUNDBOX Subscription Billing to manage your billing and customers easily.

2. Which payment processing partner you have?

We provide the integration of PayPal, Stripe, Mollie, and GoCardless payment gateway.

You just need to add the integration keys of payment gateway in MYFUNBDOX Subscriptions account.

As different customers from different areas trust a particular gateway. So you can integrate any other payment gateway with your MYFUNDBOX Subscriptions account.

3. What features does MYFUNDBOX Subscription Billing offer?

Our high demand features are Tax Module, Automatic Billing, Invoicing, Multi-Lingual Client Portal, Checkout page, Custom Email notification system.

Payment feature -Automatic payment, Manual and offline payments, Dunning management.

Transportation feature – Customer Import and export.

Get more details of our features – https://myfundbox.com/ο»Ώ

4. How many currencies do you support?

We support all currencies that are enabled by your payment Gateway. Further, if you are using any other currency then contact us at support@myfundbox.com and get your currency added in the system.

5.How long does it take to start using MYFUNDBOX Subscriptions?

Connect your stripe, mollie or Gocardless account, add your pricing plans and get started right away!

6.What if I need any kind of support?

Contact to the live chat option at https://myfundbox.com/ for any kind of assistance or send us an email to support@myfundbox.comο»Ώ

7. Can I manage multiple accounts with the MYFUNDBOX Subscriptions?

Yes, you can manage as many accounts with MYFUNDBOX Subscriptions.

8. How does MYFUNDBOX subscriptions helps with Freelancers?

MYFUNDBOX Subscriptions help Freelancers to create and share payment link to collect Payments easily from their customer.

9. How does invoicing works in MYFUNDBOX subscriptions?

With MYFUNDBOX you can easily raise automated invoice with your desired plans and collect your payments in Recurring Billing Options.

10. What are the integrations do MYFUNDBOX Provide?

We deliver features with our Monthly release. Many integrations including Zapier are planned you can find here in our Roadmapο»Ώ

11. How many languages does MYFUNDBOX subscriptions support ?

MYFUNDBOX Subscriptions supports more than 15+ language which includes German, French, Dutch, Spanish,Turkey, English, Italian, Spanish, Danish, Polish, Russain etc.

12. How do I know my data is secure?

Our partnerships with Leading Cloud Providers we offer our customers secure PSD2 and PCI Compliant Payment Platform and our data is hosted in Germany.

13. What happens if your service is down?

MYFUNDBOX is hosted on cloud servers. We have taken several measures to ensure continued service across regions. Unless there is an outage across a large region & multiple data centers, the service will be accessible for users.


Updated 29 Mar 2022
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